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November 28

FOCUS:  Trust always in Jesus – the way, the truth, and the life.


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In our Gospel today, Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple, the place of God’s presence for the Jewish people. Jesus went even further to predict the destruction of the entire world, complete with plaques, famines, and earthquakes while nations and kingdoms destroy each other. But hidden within this passage of doom and gloom, Jesus also points to himself as the One who will come at the end of time to usher us into the eternal Kingdom of God.

The Jewish people lived in a world of Roman dominance. They faced persecution and knew that their physical world, and their identity as God’s chosen people, could be destroyed at any time. While Jesus affirmed this eventual reality, He gave them hope. He had spent his entire ministry proclaiming a new Kingdom of God that was based on love and mercy. First and foremost, the people needed to trust in the love and mercy that Jesus himself offered as their Savior. Their faith in Him would get them past the struggles of this life to the eternal joy in His kingdom.

Sometimes we don't recognize the moral crisis and spiritual conflict of this age in which we live, until something "shakes us up" to the reality of this present condition.  God reminds us that a future judgment and outcome awaits every individual who has lived on this earth.  The reward for doing what is right and pleasing to God and the penalty for sinful rebellion and rejection of God are not always experienced in this present life - but they are sure to come on the day of final judgment.

The Lord Jesus tells us that there will be trials, suffering, and persecution in this present age. But we should live in the hope of His divine love and mercy until Christ our King comes again at the end of the world.  God extends His grace and mercy to all who accept God's invitation to seek first his kingdom of righteousness and peace.  We are not bound by the desires of this world, but called to serve our King by serving others, especially the least among us. It is our time spent in this world serving others that will be rewarded when our final judgment comes.

Each day we have a choice to make. This day may be your last day to make that choice. Who will be your “King” today?

Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection

Do you know the peace and security of a life submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ?

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