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November 27

FOCUS:  God is pleased by sacrifices made from love of him and love of others.


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Daniel 1: 1-20

Daniel 2: 52-56

Luke 21: 1-4

So how much can you give? How much are others really worth to you? Can you give them your all…or do they have to be satisfied with less. Today’s gospel is the beautiful story of a poor widow giving two small coins to the Temple. This gospel passage comes on the heels of last Sunday’s gospel where Jesus is overturning the tables in the Temple, so it was done in clear view of those who questioned His authority to do such a thing.

There in the Temple, people were buying and selling without care for the precious place in which they were standing. Along comes this widow in the same Temple, and she gives what she can in order to help keep the Temple a precious dwelling. Quite the contrast in appreciation for the Temple. And while Jesus notes how wonderful are her efforts, He also does not chastise those who were wealthy but rather comments on her respectful act.

When it comes to money, Jesus is not interested in our accumulation of wealth. He is interested in how much we can give. Now, there is nothing wrong with being wealthy. However, He wants us to always be thankful for what we do have, and use what has been given to us for the betterment of others. That giving is not just monetary, but involves giving of ourselves.

This Advent, let’s be honest with ourselves and try to adopt a spirit of giving of ourselves. Giving of ourselves can be a little frightening when it takes us out of our comfort zone. “Will I still have enough for me?” “Will volunteering my time take me away from rest, or what I really like to do?” The answer is a resounding “Yes” to both. What we get in return is God’s love and a fulfillment of His promise…He will never leave us alone and will care for us.

Smile at God today!!

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