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November 14

FOCUS:  The souls of the just are in the hand of God.


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Today’s readings are meant to highlight the attitude and perspective of those who desire to be known as God’s “just,” “faithful” and “his holy ones” as described in our reading from the Book of Wisdom. These words describe what we are called to be: saints. To be a saint is to be a servant of God.

To be a servant of God is not to relinquish our human identity. Rather, we find our full identity in Jesus. We are both physical and spiritual beings. Therefore, we are to use both our physical gifts and talents in coordination with our spiritual mission to be disciples of Jesus.

We are called to act justly, which combines truth and mercy in all our actions. This leads us to a preferential desire to serve those in need. We are called to be faithful servants, not masters of our material world. Our greatest achievement in this world is to be united with Jesus in His mission on earth so to be united with him for eternity in heaven.

We participate in holiness when we live a life of virtue. Most of us can easily recite the ten commandments or name the seven sacraments. But do we know just as well the seven virtues that make us fully human as Christ was fully human? Which of the virtues do we exhibit and consider a grace from God? In which of the virtues do we desire to grow stronger to better serve and imitate Jesus? On our journey to become saints, let’s always strive to increase in ourselves humility, charity, kindness, forgiveness, fortitude, temperance, and chastity.

To be a servant of God starts with our attitude toward our purpose in life. Our culture pushes us to be a master and achieve worldly glory for ourselves. Jesus calls us to be a humble servant, seeking to give back to God in thanks for all we have been given by Him.

The parable in today’s Gospel reminds us that our work is not done while we are still here on this earth. The true servant of God is always looking for new ways to serve our Master. Our time will come when we pass from this life to eternal life to take our place at the heavenly banquet.

Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection

What virtue is most prevalent in your daily life, and in what virtue do you most need to increase?

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