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November 13

FOCUS:  The Lord guides us along the everlasting way.


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Wisdom 1:1-7

Psalm 139

Luke 17:1-6

Today our Church celebrates the Feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini….yes, the old housing project in Chicago was named after her. In 1880, St Frances Xavier Cabrini and 8 other nuns founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The sisters served the poor, orphans and established schools. In 1887, Pope Leo XIII sent her and her sisters to the United States to help Italian immigrants adapt.

In our gospel today, Jesus calls each of us to live the life that St. Frances lived. In the gospel, Jesus reminds us to avoid sin, and in even stronger words He instructs us to not cause others to sin. A part of not leading others to sin is helping ensure they do not sin by advising them to stop whatever sinful thing in which they are engaged.

Now, let’s distinguish between judging an action and judging the person. We should help others see their actions as wrong when we are certain they are not behaving as God wants. We should not judge that person as good or bad – that is God’s job. Sometimes the smallest fraternal correction can have a huge impact…just like the mustard seed growing to the large bush.

Today, as grab hold of our faith even to the size of the mustard seed, let’s help others see how beautiful life can be when we keep our actions aligned with God’s two great commandments: 1) love Him with all we have, and 2) want the good and truth for others. And as we do that, let’s reflect on our own lives to see where we may need to make corrections.

And then smile at God today!

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