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March 20

FOCUS:  Saint Joseph is a model of faithful and intentional discipleship.


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2 Samuel 7:4-16

Psalm 89

Romans 4:13-22

Matthew 1: 16-24

Happy Feast of St. Joseph! Today, we celebrate the great love a great saint has for our Lord. St. Joseph is an integral part of the birth of our Lord into this world of ours. He is recognized as the incredible soul that he is by the Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Church, Anglican Church, or the Lutheran church. St Joseph is frequently shown in pictures and paintings holding three white lilies – reflecting the purity he respected of our Holy Mother and the three flowers representing the Trinity.

St. Joseph is a powerful intercessor who is the patron saint of the Universal Church, families, fathers, expectant mothers, travelers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, engineers and working people. There are several well known miracles associated with his intercession – do a search today on the internet. Incredible stuff.

Though we know very little about St. Joseph, we know that he did the right thing when God called upon him. Consider the great trust St. Joseph must have had as the Angel Gabriel told him of the conception of Jesus in the womb of our Holy Mother.

There is tremendous strength in trust. There are no known notations of St. Joseph being overwhelmed by circumstances at the conception of our Lord, the birth of Jesus, the attack of Herod, and St. Joseph taking the Holy Family to Egypt. He just trusted.

Today, seek the intercession of St. Joseph for that tough thing going on in your life – he is a source of strength for us and is willing to share it!

Go smile at God today!

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