June 9

FOCUS:    Jesus calls us to a life of righteousness that God’s grace alone can make possible.


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1 Kings 18:41-46

Psalm 65

Matthew 5: 20-26


Want a challenge?  Take today’s gospel to heart.  Jesus is calling us to do something that is well, not a natural thing for us to do, something with which many of us are uncomfortable.  Just before this bible passage, Jesus is discussing the fulfilment of the law of Moses and the prophets.  He tells the disciples that those who do not erase the law, but rather truly live it will see eternity with God. 


The law to which Jesus is referring is the Mosaic law which gave the Israelites a way of living day to day as a nation-state in the land of Canaan.  Being a righteous person meant doing the things defined in the law.  Jesus though, is introducing a new definition of righteousness.  Jesus takes the step to tie our actions to living a sinless life, the law is there to be fulfilled but fulfilled because it leads us to a sinless life where we can be in a tight relationship with God.


That brings us to forgiveness.  Yep, that word we tend to throw around but seem to have a tough time living these days – kind of like in the days when Jesus spoke those words.  Ever say “I’m sorry” but not really mean it, thinking “I would do it again in a heartbeat.”?  These days comments on social media and in the news media are filled with great desires to see the complete destruction of those who do not see life as someone else sees it.  Stay away from it!  That is not what God wants for us.


What God does want for us is a unified Church, a unified community, and unified families.  Forgiveness is integral to achieving that unification.  Why unification?  Because when we are unified as one family as children of God, we can get stuff done.  There really is no reason in the world anyone in this world should die of hunger.  No reason the person down the street should feel lonely.  Who do you need to forgive and just get over it?  Really, just forget about it and quit carrying around the junk of your life!


Now go smile at God today!