June 27

FOCUS:    If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.


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Amos 2: 6-16

Psalm 50

Mt 8: 18-22


It can be tough to be a disciple of our Lord.  As we see in our gospel today, we have a scribe ready and willing to give up everything and follow Jesus.  We also see a disciple who was just not there yet.  Though the action of burying the dead is a noble one, Jesus reinforces that we must give up everything, detach from everything, and be ready to follow Him.


Jesus seemed to have desired that the scribe and the disciple follow Him in the same manner and lifestyle Jesus lived – complete detachment from the things of this world, even to the extent of accepting that there is no place for one to lay their head, meaning they owned no house or property to call “home”.  That is quite a calling, but it is a calling that in the presence of Jesus must have seemed attractive as there were several disciples who did exactly that to follow Jesus.  They must have seen something in His eyes, His manner, His words, and importantly, in the other disciples who chose the same lifestyle.


My friend, Jerry, and his wife recently sold their house, and nearly all of their possessions.  What they own now fits in the trunk of their car.  They have taken on a life of house-sitting across the country.  They move from house to house, taking care of someone else’s house while the owners are away, and they love it.  Jerry describes the freedom they feel from not owning all that stuff.


Jesus is calling us to freedom from the world’s attachments so we can focus on His mission – love God with all we have in us, and want good things for others.  The detachment from the things of this world opens our minds to the things of God, the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  When we remain open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we get to understand God’s definition of “good”, that leads us to the Truth, and THAT leads us to happiness!  So what is it?  What thing of this world do you really need to detach yourself from?


Then go smile at God!!