June 23

FOCUS:    God has worked throughout history and in every moment of our lives to bring about our salvation.


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Isaiah 49: 1-6

Psalm 139

Acts 13: 22-26

Luke 1: 57-66, 80


Big celebration day in the Church today!  Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist!  Miracles happen!  John the Baptist was born to Elizabeth, the cousin of our Holy Mother Mary, and to her husband, Zechariah.  Elizabeth was “advanced in age”, how advanced we do not know.  Zechariah was mute for the 9 months of her pregnancy because of his unbelief that God could and would perform this miracle.


And quite a miracle this was, as John grew to become the one shouting in the wilderness “Prepare the way of the Lord”.  John is the fulfillment of the prophet who was to prepare the Israelites for the coming of the Messiah.  Zechariah was a priest, he and Elizabeth were both righteous, following the precepts of the Lord by living the law of Moses.  Given all that, Zechariah still had a tough time believing such an incredible thing could happen to him – that Zechariah would be the father of such an incredible son.


John the Baptist went on to answer the calling of God to be the one to prepare the way of the Lord.  Two things I find absolutely wonderful about John the Baptist: he completely abandoned himself for the sake of his calling by being bold, not reckless, but bold.  He did not hold back.  The other thing is, he knew when to get out of the way.  His ego was not his driving force but rather it was the Holy Spirit.


John spoke the words of the Holy Spirit to people who wanted to hear it so he ended up with a great following, but also spoke them to those who did not want to hear those words.  One of those people would end up killing John…but John did the right thing anyway.  Are you challenged today with doing the right thing?  The thing God wants you to do, that may not necessarily be the thing you want to do?  Trust the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance – TODAY!

Then go smile at God today!