June 22

FOCUS:    Share God’s law always.


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Today’s Gospel is one of the many short sections that form the conclusion of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  Having described “blessedness” in the new kingdom of God, and how daily living looks different than the accepted norms of the world around us, Jesus now wants his followers to think about the final outcome of life.  In today’s teaching, Jesus lets us know that our eternal future depends on our present actions.


The caution to beware of false prophets reminds us that looks can be deceiving and false words can lead us astray.  How many emails do you receive with the promise that “you been selected” for a great prize, if only you give them your personal information?  Behind these scams are the “ravenous wolves” that tempt with the promise of immediate prosperity.


Jesus taught with authority, as the One sent by the Father.  He not only taught about the value of a virtuous life, but He also lived a perfectly virtuous life so that we could see the fruits that come from living according to his teachings.  Our actions today and every day determine our eternal future.  Jesus taught us that prayer and good works for others should be the foundation of our daily life.  But these two must go together.  Prayer without good works may give an appearance of personal holiness.  But without good works how does our neighbor benefit?  Good works may appear to benefit those receiving them.  But is the action motivated by love of others or concerned with placing oneself in a position of power or dominance over the recipient?


Prayer reminds us of what we believe and who we believe is the source of our love for others.  Prayer provides us support in living out the love for others to which we are called.  Good works, our outward display of love for others as an outcome of our prayer, is the fruit of being in union with God, who is the source of our love and strength.


Observing others by listening to their words and watching how they act on those words will help us see the false prophets and ravenous wolves among us.  The Sermon on the Mount presents us with the tools needed for virtuous living.  Read and pray with these words of Jesus.  They will help us act and bear fruit for the kingdom of God.


Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection

What part of the Sermon on the Mount needs to be a bigger part of your life?


Source: https://www.dailyscripture.net/daily-meditation/?ds_year=2022&date=jun15