June 17

FOCUS:    Seek to store up treasure that will bring joy for all eternity.


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In Mathews Gospel Chapter 6, Jesus gives us the map for Christian life. Part of that map is revealed in today’s Gospel, Jesus exhorts us not to store up treasures on earth. What is my treasure? To whom, where or what does my heart gravitate towards? Is it to someone I love? Or is it to something that has short term satisfaction, prey to rust and moths?


Jesus’ desire for us is that we store up what is lasting, what will never decay: the gift and grace of love. God made us for love: love of God, Jesus, the Spirit, and love of other human beings.


Why is it that so many of us accumulate stuff? Is it for our comfort, security, pleasure, or status? Why do we think we need so much? One of the steady growth industries of the past three decades which has been recession and pandemic resistant is the self-storage industry. Storage companies are generating billions of dollars in revenue per year. What does this say about us?


Deep within, we know that earthly treasure doesn’t gives us love or security. Only God and things of God can do that.


Who and what are the real treasures in my life? For me, all my treasures are summed up as relationship. First, and foremost, how is my relationship with the Divine Trinity, my family, friends, community, the communion of Saints? Am I nourishing these relationships by faithfully receiving the Sacraments, most especially Eucharist? How do I serve each one of these relationships in love? How attentive am I to what I say matters most? Is where I spend my time congruent with what I discern are my God given treasures?


Take an inventory today of your treasures – where your heart gravitates. Then, give thanks to God for these wondrous gifts and all the grace that is poured out over you.