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Green Leaf

July 11

FOCUS: Simplicity is a needed attribute for all disciples of Jesus.



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Hosea 11:1-9
Psalm 80
Matthew 10:7-15

Today is an important feast day in our Church – the celebration of St. Benedict. We are not certain of his exact birth date but it was sometime around 480AD. His sister is St. Scholastica. Benedict turned away from his wealthy family background and lived as a hermit. He became the link between monasticism of the East and the newer age that was expanding. After about three years as a hermit, he was asked to become the abbot of a monastery in the area. Benedict warned the monks they likely could not live under the strict Rule he had established. The monks thought they could…well, they couldn’t and they tried to poison Benedict. When presented with the chalice containing poison, Benedict prayed over it and the chalice exploded.

St. Benedict did go on to establish sever monasteries and instituted the Rule of St. Benedict, a way of life for Benedictine monks and nuns even to this day. The Rule calls the monks and nuns to view work as being not an end in itself but rather a great disciplinary act for human nature – being idle was simply not an option.

In our gospel today we see clearly that the Rule of St. Benedict fits well with the teachings of Jesus. In the gospel, Jesus is calling us to get out and do something for others. We are called to be the face of Jesus to others with a particular calling to bring peace to others. In that peace our relationship with God grows, and that is exactly what He wants for us.

So today, who can you help? Go ahead and step outside your comfort zone to get it done if it requires doing so! God is right there to help you bring peace.

It is a great day! Go smile at God today!

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