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Green Leaf

July 9

FOCUS: As Christians, we are called to consider whether we are following God’s laws or our own whims.



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Today’s Gospel ends with a call to action to those who are witnesses to the love and compassion of Jesus. This call is for everyone, not just those present at today’s miraculous healing.

The people were amazed when Jesus drove out the demon from the one possessed. But the Pharisees reacted with condemnation, trying to align Jesus with Satan, the prince of demons. What was Jesus giving that had never “been seen in Israel”? Love and compassion for those in need. Jesus is concerned with our needs. Jesus came, sent by the Father, to rescue us from our biggest need, the power of Satan, sin and death. We are all in need of the love and compassion of Jesus.

Jesus rescued us from the power of Satan, sin and death by giving us everything he had, his entire life. Jesus’ death on the cross was His ultimate sacrifice. He willingly accepted death on the cross not for His own gain, but for ours. His resurrection from the dead was the final victory over Satan, sin and death, not because he needed it. He was not subject to Satan, sin and death. His victory was for us. Will we be His faithful followers?

Our first call to action is to recognize Jesus as our Savior. Our action, or inaction, depends on how we react to this first call. Do we choose to follow Jesus, our Good Shepherd? Or do we refuse to surrender to His divine power to heal like the Pharisees, instead relying on our own beliefs and desires?

But it is the second call to action in today’s Gospel that makes all the difference. Knowing that there will be many “like sheep without a shepherd” for centuries to come, Jesus asks his disciples, and us, to “ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” Jesus is asking his disciples, his faithful followers, to ask Him to be sent out to gather even more followers. The harvest Jesus desires is for everyone to understand the Good News of being rescued by Jesus from Satan, sin and death, and respond by becoming one of His disciples.

One of the four pillars of our faith is that we are “catholic” which means universal. We are gathered as the body of Christ into Church that has one mission. That mission is to “make disciples of all nations,” everyone. How will we do this? By giving the same love and compassion to others that Jesus gave to us. In essence, they will know we are Christians by our love.

Today’s Questions for Prayer and Reflection
How is Jesus calling you to become a laborer for His harvest today? To whom will you share the Good News of the love and compassion of Christ?

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