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Green Leaf

July 8

FOCUS: Jesus is our Lord and God.



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Hosea 2:16-22
Psalm 145
Matthew 9:18-26

In our gospel today, we have the story of the daughter of Jarius who died with Jesus bringing her back to life. And the story of the woman who touched his cloak whereby she received a healing. In each case, the healing relied upon the great faith of those seeking the help of Jesus.

In each healing there are incredible actions. The woman who touched the cloak of Jesus really had a lot of courage in doing so. That woman would have been considered unclean, meaning she could not worship in community and was in fact not to be around any other people – just being around others would have made them unclean as well and they would not have been able to worship until they made a sacrifice. By touching Jesus, she would have made Jesus unclean. In fact, just the opposite occurred – Jesus made her clean.

The other great miracle was the rising of the little girl who had died. We get a shorter version of this story than what Mark gives in his gospel. It is very clear that Jesus showed great compassion in bringing the girl back to life. We see in Mark’s account that Jesus brings her back from the dead and tells her parents to get her something to eat.

Jesus is the great healer of body, mind, and spirit. He is the one who heals us of our sins. What He wants from us is the same as was offered by Jarius and the woman in today’s gospel – great faith that He will take care of us. To do that, He asks us to live with great trust in Him in all things.

It is a great day! Go smile at God today!

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