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Green Leaf

July 3

FOCUS: Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.



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The level of trust we place in God without the physical evidence laid out for us brings us to a greater growth in our faith. It also forms a greater dependence on God! In doing so we are more overwhelmed with grace as we see the hands of God work in our lives! Indeed, the plan of God brings fruit in our lives as we reflect and see how He uses difficulties and challenges to form us and place us in a prayerful mood! It enriches us to communicate to God and develop a more intimate relationship with Him! Furthermore, we go beyond the dictates of the world and place a greater trust in God alone! However, the evidence is there historically as we read the Word of God and as we engage in the Sacraments! The legacy of the Eucharist challenges us to believe and when we do the presence it brings us to a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit working as well as the physical presence bringing healing and comfort!

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