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January 8

FOCUS:  We are called and sent by the Lord.


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Isaiah 42:1-7

Psalm 29

Mark 1:7-11

The Trinity. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One God, three Persons are revealed to us in today’s gospel as we celebrate the baptism of Jesus. The long wait had ended for the Jews, the arrival of the Savior had finally been revealed in the words “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” This is a very short gospel reading today but packed with significance.

St. John the Baptist was a powerful orator, teacher and evangelist. He had many followers, a situation that could easily have gone to his head – but it didn’t. One of the things I have always loved about St. John the Baptist was his realization of when it was time for him to step aside and let Jesus be the leader of the disciples of John. The act of untying someone’s sandals was the job of a slave – John’s great humility makes him ready to subject himself completely to Jesus.

John was calling the people to a baptism of repentance. Jesus, of course, did not need to repent of anything. However, it is in the great humility of Jesus that He allows John to baptize Him, making Jesus a part of this human race as we are all baptized into the body of Christ. As Jesus is baptized, the imprint of the Holy Spirit comes down upon Jesus. That imprint was already there but now revealed as the second epiphany – the first being the celebration we had at yesterday’s Mass. And the Father is there to declare to all that this Jesus is the Son of the Most High.

All that takes place with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is revealed to the people because John the Baptist had been calling them to that moment. Repent! Prepare the way for the Lord! Make straight the way of the Lord! Well, we are called to that same evangelization. In this year of the Eucharist, we are called to enthusiastically bring others to Jesus in the Eucharist! Who are you calling TODAY?

It is a beautiful day! Smile at God today!

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