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January 22

FOCUS:  Be prophets who proclaim God’s truth, so that the world may embrace the sanctity of all life.


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2 Samuel 5:1-10

Psalm 89

Mark 3:22-30

Challenge everything we think we know, is it the Truth that Jesus teaches? Our gospel passage today occurs as Jesus is in the early days of his mission. He has called together the twelve apostles asking them to open their minds to His teachings, and many of those teachings were going to be counter to what the scribes had been teaching. Those teachings were just too much for the scribes, too counter to their understanding of God’s scripture. Their adherence to the teachings of The Mosaic Law squelched the mercy of God.

The evil of this world is overcome by God’s mercy – problem comes when we do not want to accept His mercy. That is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of which Jesus is referring. The sin against the Holy Spirit is the refusal to accept the mercy of God. God’s gift of mercy is so very critical to our relationship with Him that Jesus explains our eternity depends on it.

The greatest evil we have in our world today is the disrespect we have for every human life – from conception to natural death. We see the result of a lack of respect for human life in the senseless shootings that take place, the rampant drug use we have, the lack of care of the immigrant, people starving to the point of death, and certainly in abortion. There is a lot more good in this world than bad and all of those evils can be overcome by God’s mercy but it is up to us to accept that mercy, and then go do good.

Today we recognize the value of the unborn. Please pray an additional prayer for the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. Abortion is the most disgustingly evil practice in our world. We must pray for our world to see how incredibly precious these children are to God and us. 

No law, regulation, or lawsuit will ever rid that evil from our world. What will rid our world of that evil is the acceptance of God’s mercy, a changing of our hearts. And we need to pray for every person who has made the choice to undergo an abortion – they too are God’s children and need His mercy.

It’s a great day! Go smile at God today!

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