2020 Lenten Collection for Haiti                                          


Dear Fellow Parishioners of St. Elizabeth Seton,


I have been remiss in acknowledging our parish’s generosity to Haiti Marycare.


Our Lenten collection for Haiti was derailed a bit when Covid-19 hit the world. Despite our church being shut down for a couple of months (and masses resuming on a different schedule with limited seating, etc.,) we did manage to collect a generous sum of approximately $10,000 that has been delivered to Haiti Marycare. I am deeply grateful to those who returned the bags despite the lack of information on how the funds would be used and with all the Covid chaos.


As an update on the Covid situation in Haiti, assuredly, there has been much illness. It’s hard to gauge the depth of the outbreak because the healthcare infrastructure is primitive compared to the US. Haitians are not certain if someone has contracted Covid-19 or some other virus or disease. Treatment protocols are limited. However, the Haitians are dealing with the same issues that we are: wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, and school safety.


I did travel to Haiti in February with two other men and returned in early March, just as the Covid-19 pandemic was starting to get worldwide attention. Fortunately, our team arrived home safely and without incident.


This year our team worked with the local Haitians on four primary projects: solar-paneled power, water wells, school furniture (repairing desks and benches), and exploring how to provide a solar-powered water well pump for a coffee co-op. Our time was productive and enlightening. It was obvious to our team that the people of the villages that we work in continue to need our financial help. Each year we are joyously welcomed back, and each year we are invited to come again. No doubt, we are having a positive impact on the communities. We’re certain their situation would be more desperate were it not for our financial, emotional, and spiritual aid.


As always, we enjoyed our time in Haiti. We never have a dull moment. The people are friendly, helpful, and hard-working. If you have any questions about Haiti, Haiti Marycare, the Haitian people, or the health, education, and community projects that we support, please feel free to reach out to me with an email, a phone call, or stop me in the narthex (when it does not violate Covid protocols).


Finally, I must ask, please prayerfully consider making another donation to Haiti Marycare if you are able to do so. Our needs continue. Every month we are subsidizing salaries for medical professionals and teachers. The need for basic medical and educational supplies and equipment is never-ending. We are most grateful for any ongoing support that you can provide. The easiest way to donate is to go to www.haitimarycare.org and look for the “Donate” link.


If circumstances prevent you from financially supporting our efforts today, we understand. Know of our prayers for you, and please continue to pray for the people of Haiti.


Once again, thank you to all who contributed to the Lenten collection. May our Lord shower you with his graces.



Blessings to all,

Deacon Bob Larkin

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