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February 21

FOCUS:  Jonah was a credible sign because of his repentance, having received God’s mercy first-hand.


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In your daily life, do you pay careful attention to warning signs?  Serious injuries and even death could be avoided if people paid attention to such signs.  When the religious leaders demanded a sign from Jesus, he gave them a serious warning to avert spiritual disaster.  It was characteristic of the Jews that they demanded "signs" from God's messengers to authenticate their claims. Instead of giving the religious leaders a sign, Jesus refers them back to the signs their ancestors received, and how only obedience to the signs given will result in their salvation at the final judgment.

Unfortunately, the religious leaders were not content to accept the signs right before their eyes.  They had rejected the message of John the Baptist and now they reject Jesus as God's Anointed One (Messiah) and they fail to heed his message.  Simeon had prophesied at Jesus' birth that he was destined for the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be opposed so that inner thoughts of many will be revealed (Luke 2:34-35).  Jesus confirmed his message with many miracles in preparation for the greatest sign of all - his resurrection on the third day.

The Lord Jesus came to set us free from slavery to sin and hurtful desires. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, he pours his love into our hearts that we may understand his will for our lives and walk in his way of holiness.  God searches our hearts, not to condemn us, but to show us where we need his saving grace and help.  He calls us to seek him with true repentance, humility, and the honesty to see our sins for what they really are - a rejection of his love and will for our lives.  God will transform us if we listen to his word and allow his Holy Spirit to work in our lives.

Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection

What aspect of our faith do you need to fully obey and enjoy the fruits of eternal life with the Father in heaven?

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