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February 19

FOCUS:  Seek the Lord hidden in the lowly.


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Leviticus 19:1-18

Psalm 19

Mark 25:31-46

Strong words from Jesus in today’s gospel. Ever wonder what this mission of Jesus really is all about? Well, Jesus makes it abundantly clear in today’s gospel. We are called to take care of those who come into our lives. And there are consequences for our actions, whether good or bad, that are associated with how well we do in caring for others.

Today’s gospel passage explains that we are to see the face of Jesus in each person. And even when we do not see that face of Jesus in that person, be good to them anyway. Each and every person is special to God because He created them. During this Lent, let’s come to a stronger prolife stance. It is an absolute abomination to see the destruction of babies because they are inconvenient to our life, or the elderly because they again are an inconvenience, or the poor because there are just so many of them.

In the depths of our heart, we know we should be caring for others. It is in recognizing that we should and why we should that makes the difference. Today is the Feast of St. Conrad of Piecenza. St. Conrad passed to eternal life in 1351 AD. He had been a wealthy young man when he inadvertently burnt down a forest and fields, blaming an innocent peasant. Eventually St. Conrad fessed up after seeing the abuse the peasant had to undergo. In reparation, Conrad lived as a hermit and praying for himself and the world.

In the depths of your heart, is there someone you do not see as a child of God? Someone your really despise? Is there someone who needs your help today? When is the last time you went out of your way for someone else? Volunteering your time? Don’t wait! Get to it!

Now go smile real big at God today!

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