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February 16

FOCUS: God’s gifts to Noah prefigure the greater gifts that come through Christ.


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Genesis 9: 1-13

Psalm 102

Mark 8: 27-33

The single greatest question presented to us in our lives is the question offered up by Jesus in today’s gospel. “Who do people say that I am?” Well, you and I know the answer to that question is the same as Peter’s response: “You are the Christ.” The power behind that answer is incredible, and it is life changing to extreme degrees.

What we do with our response is something altogether different than our immediate response of saying Jesus is God. If we are to say that Jesus is our Lord, then He needs to be the Lord of our whole life. In times when monarchies were more prevalent that today, acknowledging someone was the lord of the area in which they lived meant they would be subject to his laws and decrees. It did not matter what an individual personally thought about the law or decree, they just knew that it was issued by the lord of the area and that was sufficient.

We though, and certainly the secular world in which we live, tend to pick and choose that which we will let Jesus be the Lord of in our lives. It is easy to take a teaching of our Church, which is the main vehicle by which the teachings of God are brought to us, and twist them into what we believe they should be. We then chalk it up to “Well, the Church just has not caught up with the times.” We try to make Jesus and His Church into what we think it should be. Don’t feel bad though, we are in good company. St. Peter did the same thing.

St Peter tried to fit Jesus into the image or slot or behavior that Peter imagined, and not what Jesus had in mind as our Messiah. Our challenge is to look at Jesus in this day and decide that He will be the Lord of Lords, the Lord of our entire life – not the Lord that we have defined Him to be but rather, who He really is. So what is it? What in your life are you keeping as your own and keeping Jesus at arm’s length from it?

It is a beautiful day! Go smile at God today!

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