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February 10

FOCUS: Jesus’ miracles have spiritual as well as physical ramifications.


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We are given an instructive parallel in our two readings today. Two choices were made based on the “recommendation” of others. We learn that a good choice results in a good outcome, and the opposite is also true. In our first reading, Eve disobeys God, choosing to eat the fruit of the tree forbidden by God. She allowed her desire and the bad advice by the Evil One to make choice against God’s will. We know the bad outcome that resulted from that choice. Life in paradise became a life of work and death. In our Gospel, people bring the man who was deaf and a stutterer to Jesus, begging Jesus to touch him. Jesus heals the man, allowing him to be restored to a normal life.

While the man had help from his friends, both he and Eve allowed another person to help them make a choice that promised a better life. Jesus, the Supreme Good, which is Love, and Satan, the Supreme Evil, were both very real and present in these two stories. They are also very real and present in our lives today. How do we ensure that we make the right choices and choose good over evil?

It isn’t always easy to recognize Evil. Evil is cunning and deceptive, preying on our human desires. Jesus, the Supreme Good, wants only to give us the knowledge, power and graces to live and love like Him. To choose to do good in all that we do requires our knowledge of what Jesus taught and showed His disciples. Study the Gospels to learn how Jesus wants us to live. We need the power Jesus offers us to overcome the temptations that Satan throws at us. That power comes the Holy Spirit who dwells within our soul. Review the virtues that are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and work to develop, increase, and use these gifts in our daily life. Lastly, we need the graces God offers us through the Church in the sacraments. When we fall into sin, go to Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He will heal us like He did the deaf man. Go to Mass and receive Jesus’ Body and Blood in the Eucharist. He will feed us and help us live a holy life.

Prior to their sin, Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden and felt no shame. When sin entered into their life, their eyes were opened to their nakedness and they felt shame. When the power of Jesus touched the deaf man, he was healed. Let us go to Jesus every day for strength, healing and holiness. Let’s not be afraid to be astonished at what Jesus can do for us. Let’s be able to tell others, “He has done all things well.”

Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection

Who do you turn to for help in making choices that can change your life?

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