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February 9

FOCUS: With great faith, seek the Lord and ask for what you need.


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Genesis 2: 18-25

Psalm 128

Mark 7: 24-30

Quite the stunning conversation in today’s gospel. Jesus has traveled to Tyre, an area located on the Mediterranean Sea that was dominated by Greeks and pagans that had a rich history before Jesus ever traveled there. The people of Tyre had the reputation of being cold and hard of heart – just like the stony façade of much of the area. Greek woman asks Jesus to heal her daughter.

The act of seeking out Jesus by this pagan woman should really be seen as quite the feat in itself. After all, this woman had likely grown up worshiping pagan idols, not a man who is the Messiah. In that act we see the incredible love of a mother who would do anything for her daughter. Put yourself in her position today, consider the deep love you have for someone special and how much you want them to be happy, then consider what you would do, what you would give up to get that person healed.

And then there is Jesus and His response to the woman. We do not hear Jesus saying “No”, we hear Jesus telling the woman she was not yet ready for the miracle. Jesus is asking the woman to completely overcome her self- reliance, her proud and stubborn nature that likely saw Jesus as a means to an end and not really seeing Him for who he really is – the Son of God. So Jesus asks her to go deeper into her heart and get rid of every spiritual obstacle that prevents Him from touching her as Jesus desires.

The woman finally completely humbles herself to be at the level of dogs scrounging under a table for scraps. Now, Jesus does not ask us to be like mangy dogs, but He does ask us to put aside every single thing that prevents us from completely trusting that He is going to take care of us. The tough stuff we go through in our lives….yeah, Jesus is there and will take care of us. He promised! Be excited for that! This day, let’s consider what is in our lives that we need to get rid of so Jesus can act in and for us!

It is a beautiful day! Go smile at God today!

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