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February 6

FOCUS: God is greater than we as human beings can ever fathom.


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Genesis 1: 1-19

Psalm 104

Mark 6: 53-56

Hope. We get out of bed each morning and desire we have a good day. Regardless what comes our way that day – some things we know are coming and others we could never anticipate – we greatly desire a nice smooth day. In the course of that, we deal with our infirmities and shortcomings. Sometimes that would entails merely a groan as we try to make our way to the morning coffee pot…people like me…or it means taking on another day of managing significant physical, emotional, financial or spiritual challenges. We all have them to one extent or another.

Our gospel today reflects the challenges that people had when Jesus was in the course of His ministry, and those challenges really are not that different than ours, now are they. We can sense the desperation of the people coming to Jesus seeking to be healed. They begged Jesus to just touch them with the tassel of His cloak.

We have that same opportunity to cry out to Jesus with great trust in His promise that He is the way, the truth and the life. Today the Church celebrates the martyrs St Paul Miki and Companions. In 1593 A.D., Brother Miki and a group of Jesuit priests, Franciscan priests and Franciscan lay persons were horribly tortured in Japan, walking 600 miles in 30 days while chained and beaten. They kept their message the same – Jesus is Lord and the one who saves us for eternity.

Today, as the tough times come, give thanks for that moment because that is a moment Jesus is letting you know He has been with you, is with you, and always will be with you! Whatever is troubling your mind or heart today, take it, lay it at the foot of His cross and just say “Take care of me Jesus. Just take care of me.”

Go smile at God today!

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