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January 26

FOCUS:  A lamp to my feet is your word, a light to my path.


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2 Timothy 1:1-8

Psalm 96

Matthew 4: 21-25

If there is one word that most appropriately describes our faith, I believe that word is “go”. In our gospel today, that is exactly what Jesus is instructing us to do. God has given us a wonderful capacity to bring a smile to the people we meet each day, it is up to us to decide to do it. Best way to make people smile is to share our faith in word and more importantly, by example. And Jesus warns us, that we need to be careful how we carry forth His teachings to others.

We are called to lift others up, to make sure they know that they are special and loved by God. And more great news from Jesus is found in today’s gospel – when we take on that responsibility, when we do the best we can to want and work for the good of the other person, we are going to be asked to do even more of it! That is great stuff because the more we experience the grace of God, the more we desire it! And God will send us more grace as we share it!

That is exactly what happened to St. Paul, and his followers St. Timothy and St. Titus whose feast day we celebrate today. After St. Paul taught those Saints, they in turn went out and shared the message of Jesus. Neither Timothy nor Titus grew up in the Jewish traditions. Timothy was part Greek and part Jewish; Titus was Greek. St. Paul shared the light of Jesus with each of them and let the Holy Spirit take it from there.

We are called to do that same thing – by the way we act and the words we use. Today’s gospel tells us how important Jesus thinks it is for us to live the faith not just talk about it. Find great excitement in that teaching!

It’s a great day! Go smile at God today!

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