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January 24

FOCUS:  Through the Holy Spirit we live as children of God.


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Today’s Gospel is another opportunity to go deeper beyond the surface of what Jesus says and examine the spiritual message Jesus is delivering to those with Him at the time and those of us reflecting on His Word.

Why did Jesus, on this occasion, seem to ignore his own relatives when they pressed to see him?  His love and respect for his mother and his relatives was unquestionable.  But on this occasion Jesus takes the opportunity to teach His followers about an even more important and higher relationship, namely our relationship with God and with those who belong to God.

The essence of being a Christian is first and foremost a loving relationship – with our God who is Love. God offers us the greatest of relationships - union of heart, mind, and spirit with Himself, the very author and source of love. That is why he created us - to be united with him and to share in His love.  God is a trinity of persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and a community of love.  That is why Jesus challenged his followers and even his own earthly relatives to recognize that God is the true source of all relationships.  God wants all our relationships to be rooted in His love.

Jesus is God's love incarnate - God's love made visible in human flesh. Jesus offered up his life on the cross for our sake, so that we could be forgiven and restored to unity and friendship with God.  It is through Jesus that we become the adopted children of God - His own sons and daughters.  That is why Jesus told his disciples that they would have many new friends and family relationships in His kingdom.

How do we respond to God’s offer to become adopted sons and daughters of the Father, and brothers and sisters in Christ? Not by rejecting our own family, but by seeking and obeying the will of the Father. Our adoption as sons and daughters of God transforms all our relationships and requires a new order of loyalty to God first and to His kingdom of righteousness and peace.

Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection

Who do you love and cherish the most?

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