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Monday - March 23

Daily Reflection

Scripture Readings

Daily Scripture Readings can be read at the United States Catholic Bishops Website:

Readings:      Is. 65:17-21; Ps. 30: 2, 4-6, 11-12a, 13b; Jn. 4:43-54

Daily Reflection 3-23-2020
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Today’s readings prompt us to ask the question, “Where do I place my hope?”  In a crisis situation, where we place our hope is always revealed.  Unfortunately for most of us, we first place our hope in ourselves, in our ability to take control and solve the crisis we face.  But, when the results we desire don’t come, we become increasingly frustrated, even to the point of despair, depending on the severity of the crisis.  

In today’s Gospel, the royal official faces a crisis with the illness of his son, who is near death.  Certainly, he has already used his own position of wealth and power to do everything within his control to help heal his child.  But apparently, his efforts have not produced the desired result.  We have all felt the sense of despair that comes from having a child, spouse, parent, grandparent, or other loved one face a life-threatening illness. 


But, hearing that Jesus was in Cana, the place of the miracle at the wedding feast, the royal official went and asked Jesus to come and heal his son.  Ultimately, Jesus speaks the words of instruction that fulfill the royal official’s desire, “You may go, your son will live.”  

When Jesus speaks, the water becomes wine.  When Jesus speaks, the boy is healed.

The official obeys Jesus and starts the journey home.  When he hears from the slaves the exact time when the fever left the boy, he fully realizes and believes in the power of Jesus.  No longer does he need to rely on his own abilities.  He can place his hope and belief in Jesus and the power of His Word.

We hear in the first reading, that God has created the New Jerusalem to be a joy and a delight for its people, where there is always rejoicing and happiness.  We are the New Jerusalem, created out of Divine love, to live in joy and happiness, by loving God and neighbor.

Once we rely on the power in Jesus’ Word, and obey His instructions, our lives are also changed.  Our hope is now fully in Him.  When we embrace the change that Jesus’ active presence in our life brings, we live in joy, and are able to say with the Psalmist, “I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me.”

In this difficult period during the Covid-19 pandemic, we may get frustrated, or even experience a sense despair as the news and data get seemingly worse instead of better.  It is important to do the things that we can, but not give in to fear or despair.  Ultimately, our faith in and obedience to the Lord, brings the healing that we cannot achieve on our own.


Today’s Question for Reflection: 
In what area of my life do I need to give up control and place my faith in the power of Jesus and His Word?