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2020-07-06 Reflection
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Interesting group of people in today’s Gospel.  The official who comes seeking the help of Jesus by going directly to Him with confidence in the power of Jesus to heal.  The official comes on the behalf of another who is not even there and is not even alive…his daughter.  There is the woman suffering from an illness who makes no plea, she just believes that a mere glancing interaction with this Jesus will provide her with what she desires.  The disciples are there and they follow Jesus to the home of the little girl, seeking to see the great things that Jesus will do.  And then there were the bystanders and crowd who hear all that is going on but have little faith in Jesus and mock Him.


Each of these people or groups of people represent the stages of our relationship with Jesus.  The bystanders and crowd are the furthest from Jesus in terms of relationship.  Jesus is just another passing popular guy getting in the way of their routine.  The disciples get us closer to Jesus, those of still seeking to understand.  The woman represents those of us who get us another step closer to Jesus, seeing Him as the wonderful and incredible Lord who we believe will pick us up and get us headed in the right direction.  And finally, the official – those of us who want to be so very close in relationship with Jesus that we recognize His genuine love for us and we can call Him the Lord of our whole life. We can get on our knees and let Him see all that we are and heal us.


Our first reading expresses the significance of moving along this increasingly intense, and yet remarkably beautiful relationship, as Hosea tells us God will have us call Him “My husband and never again My baal.”  Meaning, we will be united with God and never confuse Him with something He is not…baal being evil whereas God is pure love.


So which group are you in today’s Gospel?  It is ok to be in any of those groups as long as we keep trying to build our relationship.  As we move through this day, consider where you are in relationship with God.  He keeps calling each of us in different ways but to the same thing – trust….peace….joy…happiness. 

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