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As the Bread of Life Discourse continues in today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us that he is more than just food for our physical existence while here on earth.  The life Jesus refers to relates to God, the author of life. Real life is a relationship with the living God, a relationship of trust, love, obedience, peace, and joy. This is what Jesus makes possible for us - a loving relationship with God who created us for love with him. Apart from Jesus no one can enter that kind of life and relationship. Are you satisfied with mere physical existence or do you hunger for the abundant life which Jesus offers?

Jesus makes three claims here. First, he offers himself as spiritual food which produces the very life of God within us. Second, he promises unbroken friendship and freedom from the fear of being forsaken or cut off from God. Third, he offers us the hope of sharing in his resurrection. Jesus rose physically never to die again. Those who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior will be bodily raised up to immortal life with Jesus when he comes again on the last day.

During this Easter season we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  Jesus became one of us in order to save mankind from our sinful nature, and to conquer death so that we could enjoy eternal life in heaven.  If we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, and believe in Him as the path to eternal joy, how do we express that faith?  How does that faith lead us to act?  How does this faith in Jesus help us cope with the sorrows and crosses that we must bear here on earth?

We are called to be a people of faith, hope, and love.  Only through our communion with Jesus can we overcome the difficulties of this life and be living examples of a joy-filled life in Christ to others.  Seek to deepen your relationship with Jesus today.


Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection:

Do you know the joy and hope of the resurrection?

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