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Candle Lighting Prayer

May 19, 2024


FOCUS:    The Holy Spirit gives and renews life, to each of us and to the Church.


Pentecost celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, giving birth to the Church. The Spirit always gives. The Spirit not only gives but renews life as well. Like the disciples, we are continuously renewed by the Spirit for service in Jesus’ name.

What's in Your Heart

We hear different “giving of the Spirit” stories today: the spectacular events in the “upper room” and the risen Jesus’ breathing the Spirit on the disciples when he first appeared to them. However we tell the story, the presence of the Spirit is essential to the mission of Christ’s disciples. As sharers in their heritage and as present-day disciples, consider these questions:

  • When have I especially felt the presence of the Holy Spirit? How has the Spirit worked in my life?

  • In what ways am I “sent”? How do I witness to my faith?

  • What are the particular gifts, forms of service, abilities, and work I offer to the church? How do my gifts contribute to the building up of the church? How can I encourage others to use their gifts to do the same?

Homily Stories

Catch the spirit! Celebrate the spirit! We’ve got spirit! Schools, businesses, yes, even churches set aside time to fire up people so that they will perform better, respond faster, show more excitement about what they are doing. An entire industry has built itself up around building and promoting people’s spirits.

Schools hold spirit weeks before important sporting events or to break down the boredom of midwinter and help students focus on positive activities. Ideally, the efforts are supposed to be long-lasting. Supposedly more work will be accomplished more quickly with a better attitude.

The Spirit we celebrate on this Pentecost weekend is more than just a pragmatic attitude. It is the fulfillment of all that God promised to us 50 days ago on Easter. For these past weeks we have been preparing ourselves to live the kind of lives that will make God’s loving presence known and felt to all with whom we come into contact. The Spirit is given to us if we share the Spirit’s love with others. Great things do happen. Peter, remember, had denied Jesus, but now speaks so eloquently that all who hear him have the fire burn in their hearts.


Just when we might start feeling kind of lost and down and lifeless—after all, Jesus just ascended into heaven 10 days ago—now our spirits are filled with the Spirit this Pentecost.

Father Dominic Grassi


First Reading

Reading 1. Pentecost
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Second Reading

Reading 2. Pentecost. 1 Corinthians
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Video Reflection


  • On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended with power upon the Apostles; thus began the mission of the Church in the world.
    —Pope Benedict XVI

  • Come, Holy Spirit. Spirit of truth, you are the reward of the saints, the comforter of souls, light in the darkness, riches to the poor, treasure to lovers, food for the hungry, comfort to those who are wandering; to sum up, you are the one in whom all treasures are contained.
    —Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi

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