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Candle Lighting Prayer

October 2, 2022

27th Sunday
Ordinary Time

FOCUS:   Christ helps us grow in faith and in the ability to act in his name. 


Courage, a gift of the Holy Spirit, lies at the heart of today’s Scripture – the courage to be faithful to Christ and the Gospel in all things and in all places. Like the disciples, we should be unafraid to ask Jesus for an increase in faith, for he reminds us that even with the smallest amount of faith we have the ability to do great things in his name.

What's in Your Heart

  • How do you view the notion of “duty” in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed by duties, perhaps resentful at times because of all that is expected of you?

  • Are you taking care so that your duties do not become burdensome obligations, carried out with little heart or soul? If burnout has already set in, what can you do to restore a sense of freshness to your life and ministry?

Homily Stories

My niece, Annamarie is married with two adult children. She loves taking chances. Always has. When she was 4 years old, she announced to me that she was going to jump from the landing five steps above my parent’s front door. I told her that it was too dangerous and that she could certainly hurt herself. She nodded and hung her head, saddened. So I stood at the bottom of the stairs and told her I’d catch her.

“That was fun. Let’s do it again,” she shouted running back up the stairs. And so it went for about ten minutes.  I finally told her that we had to stop. Nana was putting dinner on the table. I caught her one last time, set her down, and started walking into the house. I looked over my shoulder to make sure she was following me. There she was back on the top step. She smiled at me and jumped. I dove and caught her, straining my wrist (which at dinner would make twirling the pasta on my fork difficult!).


“Anna, you could have been hurt.” “No, Uncle Dom. I knew you would catch me.” This time I took her hand and made sure we walked in together. Despite what people say, trust can’t be blind. It’s not a license to be foolish or reckless. Listening to God leads us to act as God would have us act, even (or maybe especially) if we are tempted or even foolish enough to do it our own way.

Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

First Reading

1st Reading
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Second Reading

2nd Reading
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Video Reflection


  • Trust the past to the mercy of God, the present to God’s love, and the future to God’s providence.
    —Saint Augustine

  • Even if you think you are faithful, you have not yet attained the perfection of faith. You must also say: ‘Lord, increase our faith.’ For you have hardly anything of your own, but must receive much from him.
    —Cyril of Jerusalem

  • Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.
    —C. S. Lewis

  • I am determined not to place limits to trust and to extend it to all things . . . . You will be my strength, O my God, you will be my guide, my director, my counsel, my patience, my knowledge, my peace, my justice, and my prudence.
    —Claude la Colombière

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