November 30

FOCUS:    Hear the Gospel and follow Jesus, sharing the Good News with others.


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Today the Church in her liturgy honors St. Andrew, one of the Twelve Apostles, the brother of St. Peter.

In the Gospel according to John, Andrew is one of the disciples following John the Baptist.  When John points out Jesus and calls him “the Lamb of God,” Andrew and his companion (who is unnamed), go and spend time with Jesus, and then Andrew goes and tells his brother Simon Peter, “We have found the Messiah!”  Andrew then brings his brother to Jesus. (John 1:35-42).

Andrew’s actions could serve as a good model for us this Advent Season.  Is there someone we can bring to Jesus?  It doesn’t have to be a family member, but perhaps someone you know at work, at school, in a group or association you belong to, who could use a more personal introduction to Jesus and his loving mercy.

My guess is that if we are able to do that, we will also have brought ourselves closer to Christ.  Yes, the members of the Church are the first who need to be evangelized, but sometimes we can grow in our faith by encouraging faith and trust in God to others.

I found that to be true for myself when I visited patients at Edward Hospital.  As we engaged in conversation, I found my own faith being strengthened as I asked patients to believe that God wanted them to be healed and to come to know him as a loving, compassionate, merciful God.

So, who will your Andrew try to bring to Christ this Advent Season?