May 16

FOCUS:    Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him.


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Acts 14: 5-8

Psalm 115

John 14:21-26


When our kids were in grade school, I used to tease them by saying things like “You know, if you loved me, you would take out the garbage.”, or “You know, if you loved me you would buy me a new set of golf clubs.”  If you loved me…  We do not hear that from Jesus in today’s gospel.  In fact, we never hear that from Jesus, ever.  We hear something more akin to “When you love Me…”


Jesus has a great desire for us to love Him.  Why?  Because in loving Him we will be moving forth His mission to do the Father’s will, love others, and want good things for them.  Jesus wants to fulfill the desire for us to have everlasting eternity with God.


Jesus makes quite clear how to do that and it is the same instruction we heard from our Holy Mother at the beginning of the journey of Jesus’ ministry at Cana “Do what He tells you to do.”  When we love Jesus we will speak His words and live His commands.  Jesus told us there will be many who have cried to Him as “Lord, Lord” but do not live His commands – and those, at the time they are presented to the Father, Jesus will simply say “I do not know you.” 


Careful though!  It is not up to us to decide who will hear those words from Jesus.  It is our job to do as Jesus instructs in today’s gospel – live His Truth.  How do we know His Truth?  The Holy Spirit tells us the Truth and helps us live it!  And let’s pray for those who proclaim to be Catholic Christians but espouse some of the most sadistic acts imaginable - let’s show them how incredible the love of Jesus is by living it with tremendous trust in God and a smile on our faces so they want it too!


Go smile at God today!