January 13

FOCUS:    The Lord always desires to help and heal us.


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1 Samuel 4: 1-11

Psalm 44

Mark 1: 40-45


Interesting that we have this same gospel story one week apart.  Today’s version comes from Mark, and we heard this same story last Thursday but that was from Luke.  Two gospel writers are telling the same story about the leper who goes to Jesus for healing and is then told to go show himself to the temple priest.  Jesus performed numerous miracles, so it leads us to ponder why this same miracle story is repeated by two different writers.  Yes, they were both led by the Holy Spirit in writing their gospel accounts, but why this miracle in particular.


Leprosy was a scary thing.  Anyone who had it was declared unclean – meaning they were not only removed from interacting with society in general but they could go nowhere near the Temple, essentially eliminating the ability for these folks to nurture their relationship with God through the practice of their faith.  Jesus breaks down both of those barriers by allowing the leper to get near Him, and then ensuring the leper can again participate in worship at the Temple.


In our lives we tend to build walls that prevent us from recognizing that Jesus wants us to continually cry out to him as our Redeemer.  Those walls are generally built with sin at the cornerstone and all too often we either do not recognize the sin or we come to believe that God can never forgive some rotten thing we may have done.  Take heart!  Have courage just as the leper did!  Go to Jesus!  Get to the beautiful sacrament of Reconciliation and experience the incredible love of Jesus as He makes all things new!


It is a beautiful day!  Go smile at God today!