January 12

FOCUS:    Christ offers compassion and healing to those in need.


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As we now begin the “Ordinary Time” in the Church’s liturgy, our Gospels will focus on the life and ministry of Jesus.  Jesus not only became man to be our Savior, but also to show what a life lived “in Christ” looks like.  Today’s Gospel provides a broad view of our own calling to live “in Christ.”


Jesus first and foremost made himself available to everyone.  He not only healed Simon’s mother-in-law when requested by his disciples, he made himself available to all who needed healing.  We too, are called to be available to others, to help them experience the healing love Jesus offers.


Jesus also spent time alone in prayer.  His many hours ministering to others had to be exhausting, both physically and mentally.  Jesus made sure to spend time in prayer, allowing the Father to give him the strength to carry out his mission.  In the busyness of our daily lives, we too need to spend time alone with the Lord, seeking the peace and strength necessary to continue to live “in Christ.”  We cannot do this by our own strength.  But, strengthened by the Lord through prayer, we overcome our “busyness” to stay focused on how we are called to serve others.


Lastly, Jesus knows his mission is to reach everyone.  For our part, we need to be willing to share Christ’s love with everyone we encounter.  Our call to serve should not be restricted to those in our personal comfort zone.  Sharing our faith is not a private affair.  Through prayer and the sacraments, we learn to surrender our own shortcomings to the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in encountering others.


After being healed by Jesus, Simon’s mother-in-law immediately got up and waited on them.  What is it that ails you?  What is holding you back from serving others?  Allow Jesus to heal you.  Then with gratitude and the strength of daily prayer get to work in serving others.


Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection:

Do you allow Jesus to be the Lord and healer in your life?