Baptism of the Lord

January 9, 2022

FOCUS:    The grace of God has appeared, saving all.


All grace we receive – actual and sanctifying – comes through God’s kindness, generous love, and mercy. Nothing we do merits this gift, or the salvation it provides. Through the sacraments, first among them baptism, we are infused with the Holy Spirit and made heirs in hope of eternal life.

White Sheet


In the first reading, Isaiah speaks the Lord’s words for Jerusalem to take comfort because their service is at an end. In the second reading, Paul writes that [Christ] saved us through the bath of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel, after Jesus is baptized, the Spirit descends upon him, and a voice speaks from heaven.

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1st Reading

2nd Reading


The inner word
What’s in your heart?

Many people claim that they never hear about a loving, caring God in church. Paul’s letter to Titus reveals God’s motive for initiating our salvation—kindness and generous love.

  • Can I accept God’s kindness and love, even before any “righteous deeds” on my part? Can I voice the Good News of that love so that others will hear?

  • Because of God’s generous love and mercy, we are urged to prepare the way for God’s arrival in our lives. What ought I do to remove obstacles to God’s arrival in my life?

  • Luke says that with the exuberant preaching of John the Baptist, “The people were filled with expectation.” Do I have a sense of joyful expectation about life? Is there a sense of expectation in the community I serve?

  • Have I experienced the baptism with fire that John predicted? When, lately, have I felt that burning within my heart that signals my connection with Jesus?