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Thursday, October 12

Drive to Athens via the Valley of Tempi and Thermopylae.

Photos of our Day's Journey

Following the Path of St. Paul

As our pilgrimage nears the end, we travel through the valley of Tempi and Thermopylae.  In Ancient Greece during the time of Paul, this valley was dedicated to the pagan god Apollo.  Paul traveled without fear, confident in his mission to bring the Gospel message to non-believers and fueled by his desire to serve the risen Lord.


As we travel back to our homes in the United States, we will also encounter others who are worshipping the false gods of money, power, honor, and material wealth.  Like Paul, let us also be confident in our mission.  We too are called by the Lord to bring the Gospel message of eternal peace and joy through faith in Jesus our Savior to our families, parish, and local communities.

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