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Cruise Ship in Bay

Friday, October 6

Drive to Lavrion and board your fine cruise ship for a three-day Aegean Sea cruise. Sail to Mykonos, the St. Tropez of the Aegean. Walk around the glistening town. The houses, streets, even the sails of the windmills are all awash with white. Relax at a sidewalk cafe or taverna.  Sail on to Kusadasi.

Photos of our Day's Journey

And Away we Sail...

The first stop is Mykonos.   Some call Mykonos the St. Tropez of the Aegean because it seamlessly combines sandy beaches with a charming, authentic town, much-photographed windmills, chic hotels, sophisticated restaurants and an exciting night life.  Mykonos has no connection to St. Paul, but it is picturesque and beautiful to visit with plenty of window shopping, boutiques and cafes.

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