August 8, 2020

Daily Reflection

Scripture Readings

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Nothing is impossible for God!  How many thousands of times have we heard or said that statement.  The challenge is believing it.


In today’s first reading we find Habakkuk lamenting the suffering that the people of Judah are enduring.   He is questioning where God is as people suffer at the hands of their enemies.  Eventually God answers Habakkuk’s complaining.  Have patience.  In God’s time, not human time, your prayers will be answered.  Trust the Lord, the answer which God provides is the best answer.


In today’s gospel from Matthew we find a father begging Jesus to heal his son.  The disciples had tried to cure the son of his lunacy but were unsuccessful.  When Jesus does drive out the demon and the boy is healed, the disciples ask why they were unsuccessful.  Jesus responds that the disciples failed because of their little faith.  If their faith were simply the size of a mustard seed, they would have the faith to believe that nothing is impossible for God, they could move mountains.


This past week I had the pleasure of getting back to my jail ministry.  Volunteers have been prohibited from entering the jail since late February due to the Covid pandemic.  (As a side note, I’m happy to report that there have been zero cases of Covid within DuPage County Jail.  None!  Zilch! Zero!!  Not a single case amongst the inmates, guards or staff.  Frankly, remarkable given the transitional nature of the jail environment and the in and out movement of guards and staff.  Faith suggests that God has answered prayers.  Nothing is impossible for God) 


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting with two groups of men as I had my normal group and I also substituted for another volunteer who was on vacation.  I found it quite interesting to have several men sit through two Catholic services.  The overlap of purpose and message was obvious.  Once again, God is in charge.


The topic of our two jail ministry sessions:  1) Forgiveness  2) Does God hear our prayers?

I heard the lament of men as they wondered if God is hearing their prayers and they seek compassion and justice.  I heard the anguish as men seek forgiveness for their mistakes, their sins. 


And in an interesting moment of honest and sincere sharing from one inmate, he acknowledged that before he can ask for the forgiveness of family and friends who have not been visiting or sending mail as he expected, he must acknowledge the anguish he has caused them in their personal lives.  It was as though a lightbulb had been turned on.  I was touched.  The other inmates were as well. God is good!


So where is your faith?  Do you believe that all things are possible with God? Do you trust that God is hearing your prayers, your questions, your supplications and will answer them in due time?  Trust and believe!  Have the faith to move mountains.


Blessings to all.

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