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Fr Lee 10-23-2020
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Friday October 23

Remember the sacred temple from Tuesday’s first reading that we are being formed into with Christ Jesus as the capstone?  Christ’s power and glory as the capstone keeps all the different blocks of stone in the temple fitted correctly and well so that the temple does not collapse into ruins.


Do we have any part in the creation of this temple sacred to the Lord?  Paul today suggests that we do, by providing the cement the keeps the stones glued to each other – humility, gentleness, patience, bearing with one another through love, and preserving the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.  Those virtues are our contribution to the building up of that sacred temple and to its preservation.


In one of his homilies, St. Augustine refers to charity as a kind of glue that holds together human relationships, imperfect as that charity may be at times.  The same is true for our life together in the Church, that sacred temple of God.


What is good to know is that even if our charity at times fails, the power and glory of Christ the capstone still keep the sacred temple firm and strong.  Christ’s glory and power are strong enough to withstand any human sinfulness, and so the temple stays together despite some defective “glue” that pops up wherever in the structure.   The Capstone who is Christ will hold the building together no matter what human defects exist.

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