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Blue Smoke

September 8

FOCUS:  We give thanks for the birth of Mary, the first disciple who brought the incarnate Word into the world.

Blue Smoke


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Today we celebrate the Nativity, or Birth, of Mary. Mary’s birth signals the last of the “line of David,” fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah cited at the end of today’s Gospel. As mentioned in our first reading from the Prophet Micah, the long-awaited Messiah was to come from Bethlehem-Ephrathah, the home of the Davidic lineage of Israel.

Having been visited by the angel Gabriel in her hometown of Nazareth, Mary was asked to assume a great risk.  She was told she would conceive a son in her womb, a miraculous exception to the laws of nature, and that this child would be called the Son of the Most High (God). Mary knew that she was subject to ridicule and rejection, by Joseph and her own family, if she were to bear the child out of wedlock. After questioning the angel about how this could possibly happen, she was told the Holy Spirit and the power of the Most High would be at work in her. Mary’s “Yes” required great faith and trust, not unlike the faith and trust of her ancestors Abraham and David.

What we are celebrating today is God’s inner being revealed in the body of a blessed child, Mary, who’s first experience of God’s love was in the arms of Anne and in the care of her father, Joachim. Mary would be the one to bring about the physical revelation of the Son of God, Jesus. Jesus, as part of the Holy Trinity, existed with the father and the Holy Spirit before the creation of the world. But through Mary, Jesus became the physical presence, in human form, of that Divine Presence.

Mary, in saying “Yes” to God through the angel Gabriel, played out her part in the great revelation of God’s love. We too, are called to play our part in God’s Divine Plan, continuing to reveal His love to the world. Like Mary, this requires great faith and trust. We must believe in the One through Whom all things are possible. We must be willing to stay in His Presence through both the joys and trials of this life on earth. With faith and trust, let’s offer our “Yes” to the Lord’s plan for us today!

Let this song help your reflection today:

Today’s Question for Prayer and Reflection

How is Jesus calling you to reveal His presence to others today?

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