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Blue Smoke

September 7

FOCUS:  In the waters of baptism, we are called to follow Christ and listen to his voice.

Blue Smoke


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Colossians 1:9-14

Psalm 98

Luke 5:1-11

I am always amazed when hearing today’s gospel of Jesus calling Simon Peter, James and John to be His disciples. First, Jesus gets into Simon’s boat and asks Simon to go out onto the lake. Now, Peter, James and John had been up most of the night trying to catch fish. They are busy working and likely quite exhausted from the night’s work – along comes Jesus who asks them to do some more fishing. If I were Simon Peter, my reaction would like have been akin to “You must be joking.”

However, even at the beginning of their relationship, there was great trust. The three fishermen oblige Jesus, and in return, Jesus provides them with more fish than they could ever have imagined. The trust the three of them had in Jesus reflects how powerful it must have been to hear the words Jesus was teaching. Simon Peter, James and John drop everything and follow Jesus…just drop everything and follow.

That great trust is remarkable, but it would not always been strong. At the time of His crucifixion, the only one of the three there with Jesus was John. Trust is where everything starts, and the apostles would learn that trust is part of a relationship. Relationships foster great things when that relationship grows. We just need to keep at it.

Peter, James and John, and the other 8 apostles would go on to do great things – that happens because they continually worked on understanding the teachings of Jesus, that they then could share with others. We are called to do exactly that. We are called to trust even when we do not understand everything fully, and many times we do not need to understand everything, just trust. So, what is it in your life where you need to trust God will take care of you?

Trust and go smile at God!

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