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2023 Lenten Giving Project

This year's lenten giving project will support the children of Alenga, Uganda helping them pay the necessary fees so that they can attend school. 


The pandemic has brought added hardships to a place whose daily bread is suffering. Long mandatory shelters in place, historical floods that destroyed the people’s sustenance and livelihood, and prolonged drought which led to famine has made life almost unbearable for the people.

Schools only reopened January 2022, but less than 25% of children have returned to school. With no crop to sell, parents are faced with the decision to send their children to school or feed their family. Therefore, the majority of children have been out of school for three years with no virtual learning.

Imagine how difficult it is for a parent not having $50 to pay the school fee to send their child to a government school for one year. The children of Alenga have the same dreams and aspirations our precious children have – to be teachers, doctors, nurses, accountants. Even one young girl told us, “I want to be the President of Uganda, and when I am, I will build a school and make sure every child is able to go to school.”

Help More Children Return to School for the 2023 school year. An education changes everything for a lifetime.

Ways to Give and Help these children attend School:

▪ Use the Lenten Giving Bag

▪ Give Online through WeShare

▪ Go to


▪ Write a check to SES with Lenten Project U4Uganda in memo portion

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A message from Fr. Stan
Pastor of 
Alena's Catholic Parish

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