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Purple Abstract
Advent Travel 3

The Season of Advent

We wait for Christ, the promised one,

with joyful expectation.

Purple Epoxy

Second Week of Advent - December 10 - 16

Third Week of Advent - December 17 - 23

Fourth Week of Advent - December 24

An Overview of the Season

At the close of the calendar year, our perception of time changes. We enter into the Advent season marked by darkness and light, waning and hopefulness. Feasts centering or featuring Mary's unique roles in history abound: Immaculate Conception (8), Our Lady of Guadalupe (12), Christmas (25), the Holy Family (31). Serial celebrations are highlighted: Simbang Gabi and Las Posadas (both 10-24), Las Parrandas (10-26), the praying of the O Antiphons (17-23), and the Octave of Christmas itself (25-Jan. 1).

Along with significant saints of the season like Nicholas (6), Juan Diego Cuauhtloatoatzin (9), and the Holy Innocents (28), we might consider the contributions of peace activist Philip Berrigan (6), media evangelist Venerable Fulton Sheen (9), Catholic World essayist Agnes Repplier (15), Catholic Modernist writer Maude Petre (16), Vatican journalist Peter Hebblethwaite (18), and Paulist founder Servant of God Isaac Hecker (22).

Nationally, we remember Pearl Harbor (7). International days of observance include World Day for Persons with Disabilities (3), Volunteer Day (5), Human Rights Day (10), and Migrants Day (18). The Jewish community lights the Hanukkah candles (7-15), and African Americans observe Kwanzaa (26-Jan. 1). Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas!


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